Mash up Nexmo and Concur in this month's developer contest.

We're really excited to partner with Concur this month, and challenge you to build something that used both our APIs. 

Nexmo provides global communication APIs that make interfacing with users over ubiquitous channels like SMS and Voice simple. Because identity is closely tied to mobile devices, Nexmo also provides identity related APIs, Verify - a number verification / second factor API, and Number Insight - an API that provides data about a number, to use when evaluating business decisions.

Concur, an SAP company, is an integrated business travel and expense software company that provides developers API access to its travel and expense data.  With the Concur API, developers can build apps for the lucrative business travel and expense market.  For example, location-based apps can be created for business travelers to help them get nearby food recommendations based on their expense history (Expense API), and the hotel that they’re staying in at that point in time (Itinerary API).

What should you build? Well, that's up to you. You could provide travelers with virtual numbers to reduce the cost of international calls and automatically track the cost of those calls. A daily automated phone call could walk a user through categorizing expenses. Leveraging past travel history, users could SMS a travel question and have that relayed to only their coworkers that had traveled to the same place in the past. 

Need help hacking? Post your Nexmo API key (not secret) in this thread to have some added. Then drop by this thread, and requesst access to a Concur sandbox.

What about the prizes you ask? A $500 Amazon Gift Card is up for grabs, and all you have to do is create the project that best uses Concur's API. And for best use of Nexmo's API, you'll get an Amazon Fire HDX. Before you ask - yes, you could win both.

Bonus: Every project must provide some way for us to test what was built; but we'd love for you to show us what you've built with a screencast of your project. While it's not required, it will set your project apart. And, for everyone that includes a screencast, we'll send out a random Bag of SWAG. 

Here's all the documenttion:

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  • This contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and other locations where this contest is not prohibited or restricted by law,

  • age eighteen (18) or over,

  • excluding employees of Company and members of their immediate families, and

  • excluding entities (and their personnel and consultants) that provide services competitive with any of Company or its services.


  • Wholly original, and created during the contest.

  • Use Nexmo's APIs as authorized in the applicable documentation and the terms and conditions located at

  • Use Concur's APIs as authorized in the applicable documentation and the terms and conditions.
  • Provided Nexmo access to test the submission. 


Tim Lytle

Tim Lytle
Developer Guy, Nexmo

Chris Ismael

Chris Ismael

Judging Criteria

  • Best Use of Nexmo
    How well does the integration use Nexmo's APIs? That use should be an integral part of the submission.
  • Overall Execution
    Does this submission seem complete? Does it work well? How polished is it?
  • Best Use of Concur
    How well does the integration use Concur's APIs? That use should be an integral part of the submission.

How to enter

  • Register on Challenge Post
  • Check The Documentation
  • Create something that uses Nexmo and Concur.
  • Submit what you've built, and a way to test it, through Challenge Post before 11:45 PM on August 31st (GMT)